6 Reasons You Should Buy Select EURO Soccer Cards

6 Reasons You Should Buy Select EURO Soccer Cards

Although the EURO tournament has been postponed we still have new soccer cards to open! New Select EURO 2020 has already been extremely popular with soccer collectors but what is it about this product that has them more excited than ever before? 

Let's look at 6 reasons new Select EURO 2020 is great.

1. Field Level Silvers and Red, White & Blues are Incredibly Rare.

These colour variations have a big following in NBA with the equivalent Courtside levels but the scarcity of these cards should push their values up in the aftermarket. As we busted cases for singles we found the silvers to come out about 4 times per case and 1 or 2 red, white & blue per case. With these colours also aligning well with flag colours like France and Britain we think French and English team players will likely be sought after.

2. Jadon Sancho and Joao Felix don't have rookie stamps.

Sancho and Felix have had cards printed before this set but we think the significance of this set, the Prizm style printing technology used, will mean the after market will begin to treat these cards like their RC.

3. The Visionaries insert set is incredible.

This is a stunning new set debuting in Select Euro and its incredible from the design to the printing used. It's a large set with a small number of those in the set being desirable and falls only one every 2 cases. Watch for this set to maybe get rolled out in other sports.

4. There is a "mystery" variation.

This as yet unlisted variation is red, white and blue with a pattern similar to the Starburst or X Factor that you've seen in other products. You'll hit approx 1 or 2 per case unless its included in the normal red, white and blue set.

5. The Zebra pattern.

Panini love the animal print as a variation and historically in soccer product the Zebra has not been difficult to hit but in this set it seems it's limited to only 25. This will make Zebras of your favourite players fetch a higher price.

6. This product is loaded with hits.

We found you can expect 10-12 cards numbered under /25 per case which is unheard of in other sports cards at the moment and is one of the reasons we think these boxes may end up at around $2000 USD each, certainly once the tournament is played and the eyes of the world have been on soccer players again.

For more insights, watch the full clip on our YouTube channel and shop soccer at Cherry because we ship worldwide!

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