Why The Hobby Is Stronger Than Ever

Why The Hobby Is Stronger Than Ever

The hobby is ruined.

You hear it on forums, in Facebook groups and in the comments on YouTube videos. 

The hobby is over. Pack it up. Your cards are worthless because Instagram influencers and investors and the card companies are ruining the hobby.

But you know what?

They're wrong.

And they've been wrong before. On a recent live stream Cherry's owner Grayson listed all the things that have "ruined" the hobby before (but didnt);

1. They printed too much 86-87 Fleer basketball.

Back in 86' some collectors thought Fleer had printed way too many cards and as a result the value would tank and collectors would leave the hobby in droves.

A case of this product just sold for nearly $2 million.

2. Exclusive licenses will ruin the hobby.

Exclusive licenses have likely REVIVED the hobby. As companies don't need to watch what competitors are doing so closely, they have time to create new brands and don't feel an urgent need to print more because if we don't the other guy will!

The last time everyone had a license we got the junk wax era and the hobby went pretty dormant afterwards. Let's not revisit that.

3. Instagram and investors will ruin the hobby.

This is the latest one. As big stories like the LeBron RPA and Giannis' collection get out more people are learning about the value in cards. Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has been talking about the value in cards to his audience for some time too so new people are coming into the hobby and with the interest in this year's draft class demand has been HUGE.

But things will settle down.

Next season's draft is not as exciting, companies have a better gauge on demand for next year and some of the new collectors may find the hobby is not for them. and leave.

Is the the hobby changing? Yes.

Is the hobby growing? Absolutely.

Is the hobby over?

No. The hobby is stronger than ever.

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