The Sports Card Crash?

The Sports Card Crash?

Will the sports card market crash? Should you believe big influencers like Vegas Dave or Gary Vee? The recent boom in cards has got people talking about an inevitable crash but what exactly do these 2 big card influencers say?

Let's take a look.

Crash by 2024 - The Vegas Dave view

This week Vegas Dave burned a (potentially) $200,000 1986' Fleer Michael Jordan sticker to try to make a point: sports cards are over inflated and will crash hard by 2024. He cites his predictions from 2015 and his flipping of his Mike Trout card for $4 million to give him credibility and its strong evidence.

He says there are heavy hitters coming from the world of finance and fractional investing to make money out of cards and move on once they've sucked it dry.

vegas dave vs gary vee sports cards

Dave also got very upset at a poll Cherry ran on it's Instagram page, using the results to attack collectors and say we're in a bubble.

Someone holding the bag - Gary Vee's view

Entrepreneur and social media star Gary Vaynerchuk's view is more nuanced. In a live stream with Cherry's director Grayson White he said the following;

"I don't want people investing in high population rookie cards of kids who haven't proven they're one of the 100 greatest players of all time"

Why are John Collins cards going for more than a legend like Kevin Garnett's? Some people are gonna be left holding a bag of John Collins rookies.

But Gary also notes the supply of highly graded cards from players like Kobe, Jordan, Tim Duncan, Julis Erving and others is always going to be a lot less than current players. Add in the HUGE demand for rookie cards of these legends and you have a recipe for big sale prices.

Who is right?

When Bol Bol rookies took a big bump in price off the back of a scrimmage last year you could see the effect Gary is mentioning in real time: an unproven rookie's cards went 5x in value in minutes.

This sort of speculating can be risky.

At the same time Bol Bol cards were surging, some legends cards were/are still being slept on.

Don't sleep on the legends.

Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments and read more card culture blogs like The UFC Card Boom and the Mystery of Topps Finest!

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Kieran - February 12, 2021

I actually went and watched vegasdaves video after watching greysons video reply to him burning the Jordan sticker and I have to say he does make some compelling points I think he loses a lot of people’s attention in it because he is just so angry instead of passionate and it does come across as him wanting to be the “man”. I definitely think he’s right about the stock market moving in to the card industry and cards have become a commodity, that is evident just watch someone’s video’s like sportcardinvestor while interesting you can tell he doesn’t have a clue about cards but he has obviously hired a team of true collector’s. This though is where vegasdave loses me as I don’t understand how there will be a crash since the stock market has been around for …. years and people still buy and sell stock, so I don’t get when he says people that have invested in a card/s decide to pull there money out and then others will follow suit hence a collapse. NO someone pulls there money out and immediately there is 1 2 3 5 10 etc people waiting to invest in that card (eg the stock market). So I don’t see a crash I see the rarer superstars and limited edition cards going up and potentially always being at a price that your everyday collector will never be able to afford and yes the card market will level out. Unproven players will eventually go back to a price they should be at (unproven players to come) I still think the 2019,20,21 classes will hold fair value only because of what people have paid/invested, but yes this is where Gary V is 💯 right (and Grayson even if you did say it after Gary V 😂, just adding that how vegasdave would). Anyway in summary I don’t think it’s really a question of who is right as I see them both having different views but to different questions, it’s not as straight forward as will the card market collapse or not. Thanks and sorry bout the 1000 word essay, but when you come from SA well what can I say and now I’ve lost my own attention haha 😂
Cheers Kieran ✌🏼👍🏼
Ps would love any half intelligent replies or thoughts from anyone
PPS keep up the great work Grayson and those other guys you work with just joking your alright Dale and who doesn’t love Tabby (like a lost puppy) 😂

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