Johnny Kilroy Card From Upper Deck the Lost Jordan?

Johnny Kilroy Card From Upper Deck the Lost Jordan?

Who is Johnny Kilroy? Johnny Kilroy features on a Bulls card in Upper Deck's 1993-94 basketball cards but who is this mystery man?

If you were collecting in the 90s you know this story.

In 1993, Michael Jordan retired from basketball, but he and Nike saw a marketing opportunity in the sudden retirement - a new campaign that featured Johnny Kilroy, Jordan disguised as a different basketball player. 

Comedian Steve Martin featured in the commercial in a TV news format and following rumors of a basketball player popping up for backwater teams and destroying the competition. Chris Mullin, David Robinson, and Alonzo Mourning all feature in the campaign too.

Check it out;

Upper Deck made a card of Kilroy in its 1993-94 set. What a great little relic of a crossover from marketing to collecting.

johnny kilroy 1993 94 upper deck card jordan

Do you have one?

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Rita Murray - June 22, 2020

Hi I have a Johnny Kilroy card as per your image above .

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