Select VS Prizm? Which Cards Will Be The Best?

Select VS Prizm? Which Cards Will Be The Best?

Panini's Prizm juggernaut remains number 1 for collectors but can the Select brand take the number 1 spot? Grayson from Cherry Collectables recently answered the question live on Instagram.

Prizm is Still the Rookie Card King 👑 
The card market still craves Prizm rookie cards and rates them the "true rookie" card for each player. With the importance of rookie cards to collectors, unless Select can flip this Prizm is likely to remain king. Just this week we saw the first sale of a PSA 10 graded LaMelo Prizm rookie going for over $1800!

With the amount of money invested in Prizm sitting in people's collections, Select has its work cut out.

Select is More Fun 🤩 
An area where many collectors think Select is better is in the enjoyment of the rip. With Select's awesome inserts like the leopard and zebra prints plus the different variations in players at Court Side, Field Level etc collectors are finding Select more fun to open at a pack and box level.

Could collectors get tired of the Prizm design?

In a poll in our Facebook group almost half of collectors said they preferred the card designs in Select and didnt understand why Prizm was so highly regarded.

Watch the full video from G below and read more card blogs like The Topps Sale and the PSA Suspension!


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