Topps Trading Cards Goes Public, Valued at $1.3 Billion

Topps Trading Cards Goes Public, Valued at $1.3 Billion

Topps Co, the legendary trading card company, is set to go public in a deal that values them at over $1 billion. Mudrick Capital along with other investors like former Disney CEO Michael Eisner will run the company and look to grow their digital/NFT space.

Eisner is banking on the nostalgia connection that collectors have with the brand saying “Everybody has a story about Topps,”. Topps is a brand that elicits an “emotional connection” like Disney so look for them to capitalise even more on brands they have the license for like MLB, Disney, Garbage Pail Kids and Godzilla.

What does this mean for the hobby more widely?

With a big war chest of cash behind them Topps just confirmed themselves as a serious player in the trading card industry for the foreseeable future so companies like Panini will not be able to rest on their laurels.

If I'm at Topps do I start trying to chase down more licenses?

If I'm at Panini or Upper Deck should I be worried about Topps gunning for me?

What do you think Topps should do first?

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Kullen - April 9, 2021

Would love to see Topps take over the NHL. I feel they would do a much better job then what upper deck does. I wish NHL had more over a following in Australia so it can be easier to get boxes.

Dikni - April 9, 2021

Topps need to get back on the basketball train. Someone needs to remake the cool 90’s inserts

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