90s Cards Are Back With New NBA Hoops 2019-20!

90s Cards Are Back With New NBA Hoops 2019-20!

*UPDATED 8.11*

Blake and Tabby were broadcasting LIVE when they pulled a beautiful Zion on card auto! Watch below!

*UPDATED 5.11*

Panini has released their full Hoops QC gallery so check out some choice cards below and order your box of Hoops NOW because its our pre-order price!

zion williamson rookie auto 2019-20 hoops panini

2019-20 hoops kyle kuzma panini

2019-20 hoops panini trae young

2019-20 panini hoops dirk nowitzki

*UPDATED* Panini has revealed some more 90s style designs form the new Hoops!

kobe panini america hoops 2019-20

panini america hoops 2019-20

tare young panini america hoops 2019-20

NBA Hoops is Panini's first release for the upcoming 2019/20 season and there are some great reasons to get excited about this product of you're a collector coming back to the hobby from the 90s - Zion Rookie cards, a great price point and Panini base Hoops Tribute inserts!

Throwing back to the classic look that Hoops had in the 90s this insert is looking RAD.

charles barkley panini hoops 2019/20 kobe panini hoops 2019/20 dennis rodman panini hoops 2019/20 

giannis panini hoops 2019/20

From Panini;

  • New in 2019-20 - Hoops Art Signatures, which features stunning on-card autographs from the top NBA Rookies. Look for rare dual-autographed versions, pairing the top rookies with established superstars!
  • Collect all of the different, unique Hobby exclusive insert designs that showcase NBA stars, old and new, with tons of variety! Chase the High Voltage, NBA City, Legends of the Ball, and many more sets that can only be found in Hobby product.
  • Pull autographs from the highly anticipated rookies, as well as the NBA’s top veterans and legends, in Hot Signatures Rookies and Hot Signatures! Look for rare Red Hot versions limited to 25 copies!

With the popularity of Zion Williamson crashing Panini's servers this week the HYPE IS REAL for collectors coming into this new NBA season so get your orders in NOW or you're gonna miss out!

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