Things Get Cereal With New Donruss NBA 2019-20

Things Get Cereal With New Donruss NBA 2019-20

*UPDATED 10 December*

Panini have posted their quality control gallery of upcoming Donruss! Take a look at some of the cards below and order your box at Cherry today;

giannis 2019-20 donruss

retro series patrick ewing 2019-20 donruss

zion williamson panini donruss 2019 20

*UPDATED* Panini have shared more card images including the first look at Zion's Rated Rookie card! Lets take a look!

zion williamson rated rookie donruss nba

steph curry panini donruss nba

giannis panini donruss nba marvels

panini donruss nba rookie retro

Panini America are keeping the NBA cards coming quick with the first look at new Donruss NBA (and several other great new sets) today! It's been a HUGE year already with Draft Pick Contenders out but with the NBA season drawing closer the basketball releases are picking up!

With a 250 card base set as well as the popular Rated Rookie trademark, the new set is sure to please collectors. A new insert which I already love is the new 'Crunch Time' set which gives you a card that resembles a cereal box 😂.

Take a look at the cards below and watch Grayson's thoughts on the new Donruss! Get your pre-order in because this set ships in November!

rated rookie donruss NBA 2019-20

crunch time cereal box donruss nba card

defying gravity panini donruss nba 2019-20

• New in 2019-20 - Pull Rated Rookie Signatures which feature 47 of the NBA’s top incoming rookies!

• Find Hobby-exclusive inserts in Retro Series, Crunch Time, The Rookies, Craftsmen, Defying Gravity and Net Marvels!

• Pull on-card rookie autographs in Next Day Autographs!

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