2019-20 Contenders draft picks Zion Williamson Auto Rc 3/5 rare wow ebay

Contenders 2019-20 Zion Rookie Card Sells For $100k Plus?!

Z Day is here! Zion Williamson rookie cards are hitting eBay as we speak and the first one listed is now at over $95,000 USD and climbing! These first cards from 2019-20 Draft Pick Contenders are delivering on the Zion hype we told you about last month and that Gary Vee has mentioned also!

As you know the Panini servers crashed from the interest in their FOTL version of Contenders and sales of the regular Contenders have been crazy too as people try to find what is becoming the HYPEST rookie card EVER.

G jumped on to Instagram live this morning to talk about this auction and not soon after that a customer sent us pictures of his short-printed Red rookie ticket he hit!

Check the pics and videos below and make sure you order your Contenders box or break spot now because the value is going sky high on these boxes!

draft pick contenders zion williamson rookie auto red short print panini\

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