Top Lebron James Cards

Top Lebron James Cards

*UPDATE 29.9.20* With LeBron heading to another finals series with the Lakers we thought it was worth looking at some of his popular cards as a Laker. Remember you can shop LeBron singles at Cherry and use our 'Make an offer' button to send us your price!

These cards aren't ranked in any order and honourable mentions go to the LeBron Marvels and My House inserts that didn't get a spot today.

5. 2018-19 Select LeBron James Concourse level

One of the earliest Lakers cards for LeBron, the variants for this card can go for big money.

lebron james 2018-19 select concourse

4. 2019-20 Panini Chronicles Flux LeBron James

This years Chronicles has been a hit with collectors for its rookie cards of Ja and Zion but the Flux cards of people like LeBron and Luka are fantastic too - hoping they bring the Flux to a regular set.

2019-20 Panini Chronicles Flux LeBron James

3. 2019-20 Donruss Optic LeBron James

We were fortunate to pull the Gold Vinyl 1/1 of this card in February and I'm pretty sure Grayson bought it off the customer who hit it! A fantastic shot of LBJ dunking;

2. 2019-20 Hoops LeBron James High Voltage

A Hoops insert going for $500+!? Sounds crazy but not in 2020! People slept on these beautiful inserts when Hoops first dropped but a few months later they were fetching big prices. We've got one for sale now.

2019-20 Hoops LEBRON JAMES High Voltage

1. 2019-20 Court Kings LeBron James Aurora

Court Kings is probably this years most popular product and the Aurora is just a stunning set.

2019-20 Court Kings LEBRON JAMES Aurora

What other Lakers cards do you like? Keep reading to see our other top LeBron cards!

*UPDATE 19.7.20* The hammer just fell on the LeBron RPA we put as card number 1 in this blog at $1.8 million USD. If you didn't think the hobby was going through a surge already then you should now. Once you're done here, read about why the hobby is back!

Lebron's cards span 2 decades now so he has some from Upper Deck & Topps and others from Panini. We've been lucky enough to hit some nice Lebrons live in our breaks! Check out the video below and let's take a look at some of the sickest cards for the GOAT, Lebron James.


5. 2018-19 Contenders LEBRON JAMES Silver Prizm Optic Preview SSP #30

How good does Lebron look in a Lakers jersey, man? And this card from Panini Contenders is such a crisp card too.

4. 2003-04 E-Topps LEBRON JAMES Rookie Refractor /10000

One of Lebron's early rookie cards, if you can find it, buy it! Beautiful old Topps set.

3. 2003 Topps Chrome #111 Gold Refractor

Another classic Topps set with a great shot of Lebron and the beautiful gold border.

2. 2003 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Logos Signature 1/1

Here's where it gets difficult because it'd be tough to put a value on these last 2 cards. This one from Upper Deck features the logoman plus Lebron's auto.

1. 2003 Exquisite Collection #78 Autograph /99

A $500 pack of basketball cards was unheard of when these came out. Nowadays people would love to pay that much for Upper Deck Exquisite because the cards that came in them are legendary. Featuring a patch of the Cavs jersey and Lebron's auto.

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