Top Tips For Sports Cards Collecting

Top Tips For Sports Cards Collecting

New to collecting cards? With the popularity of the hobby exploding, a lot of people are collecting for the first time OR returning after a long hiatus - especially if you collected in the 90s.

At Cherry we suggest educating your self on forums, facebook groups and ebay as well as watching streams of live breaks so you can learn about the different card sets available, manufacturers and who collectors like the most.


If there is one tip for new collectors to know it's this;

Be patient.

The sweet collections you see posted on social media can take DECADES to build. Cherry just bought a 7 figure collection here in Australia that had cards from the 60s in it. If you want to build a sick collection its going to take years, not days.

I know this because I've done it myself - I chased every set that people online said was gonna be hot, I tried to collect every rookie coming out and ended up with a collection that was a MESS. That leads us to the next piece of advice;

Pick a niche.

Do you love Larry Bird? LeBron? 80s Lakers? Pick a niche that you really love and go after it because thats whats gonna help you build collection you might work on for life.

Have we got it wrong? What tips would you add? Watch the video below from Grayson as he talks about these tips.

If you wanna read more about cards check out our recent blogs on what market we think is next to pop and what factors brought on the current boom.

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