What's A Sticker Auto And Why Do They Use Them?

What's A Sticker Auto And Why Do They Use Them?

'I hate sticker autos - why do they even use them?' It's a fair question and one that collectors ask a lot but there are some legitimate reasons they're used. Grayson took the question last week during one of the Cherry live breaks.

The first reason they're used is a pretty straightforward one; they're easier to get back from the athletes. Stickers ship well and are typically quicker to return to the card companies. As we saw with Giannis' recent posting of his "collection" some of the cards sent to players for signing take a loooong time to get back.

 Grayson talks about the Giannis 'collection'

Another big reason they're used is related to the first; it helps for a quicker turnaround when producing a new set of cards. 

Watch the clip below as Grayson from Cherry talks about why sticker autographs are used and the advantages of using them.

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