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Gary Vee At Cherry 2019

'People don't understand that sports cards are about to become a cultural phenomenon again...'

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Gary Vee cut his teeth on sports cards in the 80s & 90s and they're back in a BIG way as people from the 'sneakerhead' community realise they can chase Zion Williamson rookie cards in boxes of $100-$150 NBA cards.

Shop where Gary shops - Australia's greatest card store, Cherry Collectables. In the game since 2009, Cherry has the expertise to help you get started in #thehobby because with Zion starting next NBA season his RCs in upcoming Hoops and Prizm are going to be HIGHLY sought after.

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Watch the video below about 'How We Trapped Gary Vee Into Visiting Cherry' and learn more about Live Breaks in the Cherry Blog.

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