7 Jordan Cards To Buy Right Now & Some To Avoid

7 Jordan Cards To Buy Right Now & Some To Avoid

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The Last Dance dropped on Netflix overnight and Michael Jordan fans and sports card collectors are able to get the inside scoop on the 90s Bulls final, legendary season.

The Cherry team have been preparing by buying LOTS of Jordan singles in the recent weeks and months and Grayson went live yesterday to list some of the top 90s Jordans he thinks you can still grab for a nice price.

'In the last week alone we've bought over 10,000 Jordans'

With that amount of buying and familiarity with these cards let's see what G had to say about each of these cards;

7. Upper Deck Behind The Glass

upper deck behind the glass jordan

'This card is, I think, the prettiest Jordan. I think its the best image, the coolest card. You can still get a PSA 8 for under $100 USD'

6. 1996 Bowman Atomic Jordan

jordan bowman atomic

'It's a really nice card, not too much going on, BIG Jordan he's dunking. You can still find it PSA 10 for $1500 - I think that will double in the next 12 months, probably 12 weeks.'

5. 96' Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion Jordan

96 fleer ultra platinum medallion jordan

'You can get it for around the $500 USD mark - at 1 in 15,000 packets there is a HANDFUL of Jordans more rare than this.

4. 1996-97 Michael Jordan Big Man On Court 

 Michael Jordan Cards 1996-97 Michael Jordan Big Man On Court

'It's a die cut card, it's 1 in every 11,000 packets which makes it extremely rare.'

3. 97' Silver Embossed Refractor Jordan

97 silver embossed refractor jordan

'One of the first of the refractors to be numbered - it's numbered to 263.'

2. Michael Jordan 1997-98 Stadium Club Triumvirate

Michael Jordan 1997-98 Stadium Club Triumvirate

'We picked up a few last week - now they're becoming HARD to find. There are a whole lot of (these cards) that were cut incorrectly - be careful.'

1. 1997-98 Ultra Abilities Starter Michael Jordan

1997-98 Ultra Abilities Starter Michael Jordan

'If you've got it in good condition or find it in condition, I'll buy it but you should probably NOT listen to me and hold onto it.'

What about cards to stay away from?

1. Ultra Exclamation Points

2. Jordan Competitive Advantage

3. 1997 Topps Chrome Jordan

So, there you have it. Seven 90s Jordans you can still get for a good price and 3 to avoid. Do you agree/disagree? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media.

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Watch the full Cherry Podcast episode on YouTube;

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