Hit Zion Freshman Fabric In New Certified 2019-20 - UPDATED 12th November!

Hit Zion Freshman Fabric In New Certified 2019-20 - UPDATED 12th November!

*UPDATE - Watch Cherry's world premiere of new Certified!*

*UPDATE 12.11.19* Panini has shown a sneak peek at the QC before the cards hit stores! Order your box from Cherry NOW!

panini certified 2019-20 luka doncic

panini certified 2019-20 zion williamson

panini certified trae young 2019-20

panini certified 2019-20 chris mullin

*UPDATE* Panini has revealed Zion's RC from Certified!

Zion Williamson rookie card panini certified 2019-20

Fresh off Panini's Donruss NBA reveal we were JUST sent details on Certified NBA 2019-20! Known for autos which hold their value throughout the season Absolute again features this year's exciting rookie class as well as a suite of legends.

One addition this year which stands out is the Pink Camo insert which has big collectible appeal as its not a colour which has featured before. Check out some of the cards below as well as G's thoughts on the new Certified NBA 2019-20!

pink camo absolute nba 2019-20 panini america

kobe panini america certified nba 2019-20

dr j panini america certified nba 2019-20

• Certified makes its return to basketball this year with a very exciting NBA Rookie Class! Look for one Freshman Fabric Signature and one other autographed card per box, plus a plethora of inserts and parallels!
• Look for on-card autographs from the stars of the 2019 NBA Draft Class in Rookie Roll Call!
• Find one rookie jersey autographed card per box from the Freshman Fabric Signatures set!
• Pull SP inserts in 2019, Raise the Banner, Record Breakers, and Gold Team!

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