What is an eBay 1/1?

What is an eBay 1/1?

The eBay one of one is one of the trickiest pieces of sports card jargon. Some people hate it and others use it religiously but what does it mean? Let's try and nail it down and then you can decide for yourself whether to use it or not.

We covered the topic in a recent Instagram live stream and discovered it has some interesting uses.

It's NOT a real 1/1
Only cards stamped with the One of One from the card's manufacturer are the legit 1/1s. This means the stamped card is the ONLY copy of that card made/in circulation - thats what makes them so attractive.

It's often used to highlight a legitimately interesting/valuable card
A jersey numbered card like a LeBron card numbered 23/50 or a Mike Trout numbered 27/99 often fetch a higher price because they have the player's number stamped on the card. It's a quirk but people will pay extra for it. As well as that people often pay for lower numbers in the print run of a card e.g. 01/99. 

It can be used in weird ways
Is the jersey number in the serial number of the BGS slab the card is in? It's an eBay 1/1! These sorts of listings on eBay are trying to get more eyes on their listing and good luck to them - just be cautious when you're buying and ask the seller questions if you need to.

For the full discussion you can watch the video below and be sure to read our other card news like The Great Toploader Shortage of 2020 & What Is Project 2020?

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