Buy Michael Jordan Or Lebron James Rookie Cards?

Buy Michael Jordan Or Lebron James Rookie Cards?

Jordan or Lebron? Lebron or Jordan? Debates about who is the GOAT will (probably) never end but its certain that their rookie cards will forever be linked. With Jordan rookies soaring to new heights in value because of The Last Dance will Lebron's pop too? Cherry's owner Grayson White thinks so, addressing the question during a recent live break;

'The moment Lebron prices go up Jordan prices go up because essentially he's a playing version of Jordan. So they always follow. The moment a Jordan rookie goes up, Lebron rookie goes up - and vice versa.'

jordan rookie card lebron rookie card draft dayWho had the best Draft Day suit?

With Lebron still playing he (arguably) has some of his legacy left to write with a potential championship in Los Angeles a possibility - whenever the NBA starts again.

Which would you invest in; Jordan or Lebron? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media.

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Watch G's full thoughts on Jordan and Lebron below;

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